What are the rules for buying real estate should be taken into account

It is better to first comprehensively study the issue if you plan to buy any real estate. Buying properly residential objects is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, but some nuances need to be known for sure. It is important to understand in advance the importance of a thorough study of all documents accompanying the transaction, you should not sign in anything until everything becomes completely clear and extremely clear.

In addition to the full study of documents provided by sellers, we recommend that you study the specialized sites of your city, such as, for example, real estate of Krasnodar. Then we proceed to the collection of all data about the apartment itself or the house and its owner. It is recommended to check, in particular, a house book, all tenants from a private house must be written out. It will also be necessary to find out if the owner has any relatives who could claim some of the property after the conclusion of the transaction. To minor children, attention should be paid to special, as well as the former spouses and in the imprisonment of former residents. Only a private detective will be able to provide reliable information on some of these issues, therefore, if such an opportunity is available, maybe it makes sense to use professional services. Keep in mind that you can draw up documents only after all potential owners give their consent to this.

Nearest neighbors are the best source of information about the owner of the house or apartment. Ubiquitous grandmothers from shops at the entrances can provide invaluable assistance here.

It should also be checked whether the actual location of the rooms with the plan of the apartment coincides. Unauthorized redevelopment made by the previous owner can result in a fine for you to pay. You also need to pay attention to the condition of the electrical wiring and the number of electrical appliances, find out the state of the sewage system, water supply and other communications.

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