Distinctive features of a budget class housing

Apartments in new houses, which belong to the budget category, as statistics shows, occupy more than sixty percent of the total number of sales of apartments in the so -called new buildings. It is not worth it to be surprised at this, because in the domestic real estate market, apartments belonging to the cheapest segment are always in increased demand. Using the site

Probably, you need to talk about what reasons for budget apartments are in high demand in Russia. This is due to several reasons at once.

Firstly, economy class apartments in new houses are an excellent way to invest. Moreover, more than a reliable and promising investment, because real estate is constantly increasing in price.

Secondly, apartments in budget new buildings are available to absolutely all people who are forced right now to solve the housing issue. This contributes to the possibility of attracting the advantages of mortgage lending. From this we can conclude that the apartment of the economy class and even in new houses are available to people with small or medium wealth. This is precisely the percentage of the percentage of budget apartments in the domestic real estate market, which paid attention above.

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