How to focus on the layout in the apartment

The planned layout will be able to divide one large apartment into smaller reconstruction, and vice versa, combine two adjacent ones into one large apartment, which will ensure the needs of the family for a long period. The transformation of premises and equipment will allow, as on the stage, to create the desired environment, changing it as needed quickly and without much effort.

A new technology and materials, inflatable furniture, porous plastics that facilitate the process of interior transformation, as well as the nature of the lighting will play a large role here.

Already now, in the coverage of apartments, the tendency to use hidden light sources, with the device of additional local lighting. In the future, fluorescent panels and other modern lighting techniques will be spread; It will become richer and more expressive as one of the main means of the artistic language of the interior, revealing the possibilities of organizing space.

Public services will improve that exempt our home from a number of household processes. The public catering system constantly increases its role in the life of the population. In the future, the function of an individual kitchen will change significantly due to the use of semi -finished products, better storage of products, ready -made dishes from house kitchens.

An important social factor affecting the structure of residential premises and their equipment is public maintenance of housing. Recall that back in 1939-1941 in Moscow on Leningradsky Prospekt architect A. Burov built a house, fundamentally different from those built until then. Starting from the overall solutions to the planning of apartments, the house was designed for public organization of household services. The central lobby was designed in the ground floor, in which a porter, a switch, a savings bank, a small store with essential items should have been placed.

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