How to use the Hai Tek style in the design of the apartment

Did you know that hi-tech is this wonderful style in interior design arose as a current in the 70s, and originated even earlier? Now, after forty years, the creations made in this style continue to delight the eyes and give us comfort.

High-tech interiors are characterized by the presence of straight lines, metal color shades, the widespread use of materials such as glass and plastic. Some elements of the style are borrowed from artists-futurists.

But the main thing, of course, in Haytek is high -tech and aspiration for the future. Know that high-tech is not only a line pleasant for the eye, but also a very competent approach to the use of free space. Rationality and convenience are the main maxims that High-Tex designers use. Among the most important buildings, Eiffel Tower (1889), Paris Center Pompidu (1977.), the house of Lloydz (1986), the crystal palace (1851), the London skyscraper Swiss Re (1970), the station in Lyon (1994) and many others. Among the most important designers and architects, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Jacques Nouvel must be indicated.

As for our country, then there are many high -tech buildings in Moscow. For example, the shopping center “European,” (where the idea of ​​air designs is revealed), “The House of Music” (the highlight of which is the suspension violin key), as well as the project “City of Capitals” (two high towers).

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