Why do difficulties arise with the acquisition of your own housing

Buying your own housing is quite difficult. Sometimes the price of a more or less decent apartment or house reaches incredible heights and for an ordinary person is unrealistic. To earn your living space, you have to either go abroad to work, or work in several work in your country and save literally on everything. And still you have to postpone for a very long time. But you need to live somewhere. But there are many options to solve this problem today: a loan at the bank, the key to other property, mortgage.

For young families, the most profitable solution will be a social mortgage. It exists in three types: the client is provided with a subsidy for part of the price of housing for a mortgage. The second option is subsidizing and the third – sale on a loan of an apartment or house from the state. Social mortgage is inherently an improvement in housing conditions with the support of the state. But such an offer is available only to socially unprotected segments of the population.

Only local management can choose a mortgage option in each individual area. Only it sets the norms of mortgage on the ground. When issuing a social mortgage, the relevant authorities should give the client information on what the first contribution and the amount of each next contribution should be, as well as voice the deadline for which a loan is issued, and its entire amount.

Before issuing a loan, the bank checks its creditor: its ability to pay for the loan, performance, and will also be offered to insure. All this should meet the standards for a successful outcome. If the family has children, then the amount of mortgage loan will be greater than for a childless couple. The cost of housing depends on the number of family members. Only young couples up to 35 years of age can take part in the social mortgage program. The program is available to the military.

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