The most common real estate problems

The problem with real estate is bothering every young Russian worker. Previously, after graduating from a higher educational institution, there was a distribution, and issued a living area. Nobody thought about its square meters, because the state provided its. Today, to purchase an apartment if you are a young specialist who has just “got out” from the university and does not have starting capital is almost impossible. And the mortgage is not a way out, but on the contrary-a debt pit from which it is quite difficult to get out. Sometimes, in order to rent a warehouse in Moscow, you will have to lay out a small amount of money, as well as rent an apartment. But people have no choice, either pay for rent, or make an obligation to the bank to pay about 25 thousand rubles a month for 20-30 years.

It is worth noting that real estate prices are constantly rising. What is it connected with, because and so the price is greatly overestimated. The fact is that the price of construction is also growing, the cost of brick, cement, and all materials required for construction are increasing. Respectively, the cost per square meter increases. Previously, there was an opinion that the introduction of a “mortgage” would arouse the appetite of the consumer. That is, banks will give out mortgages, people will go to such conditions and begin to actively buy real estate and cease to manifest the rise in prices. But this is a mistake. The more money goes to this market, the more it requires. So you have to pay huge amounts for 30 miserable squares on the outflow of any city. There is simply no other choice. Many still believe that the developer himself specially overestimates real estate prices and this is actually so.

It is sad to realize that the price for a one -room apartment in the city of Siberia is more expensive than a two -room apartment in Germany. It should be the other way around, taking into account our natural resources and vast territory.

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