Housing complexes of the class of class of class what are

In the modern capitalist world, the concept of housing business class has existed for a long time. In the post-Soviet time (end of the 90s), with the beginning of the construction of a large number of free planning houses, it came to us.

Business class LCD are both multi -storey and low -rise. The low-rise are Townhai, or three to four-storey trolleys. For the most part, the towhouses have a vertical layout. On the lower floors there is a garage, household rooms, a heating system. On the upper – living rooms (cabinets, bedrooms, living rooms), several bathrooms, kitchen.

Business class buildings must meet many requirements. First of all, it is built of brick, or built using frame-monolithic technologies. There is a mandatory parking lot: for each unit of housing, whether it is an individual building, or an apartment is supposed to be one parking lot. Access to unauthorized persons to such parking lots is prohibited. Collective parking lots are built in multi -storey buildings on underground floors or in basements. This is very convenient: the vacant place is used for recreation areas, playgrounds.

The main criteria for business class housing is its successful location.

The developed infrastructure of the district should fully satisfy customer requests. The adjacent fenced area with a qualified multi -level protection is also one of the signs of housing complexes of a business class.

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