The receiver of the apartment what kind of specialty is this

Determination, by a thorough inspection, the nature of the work that should be performed in the workshop; Observation of the repair work so that the appointed deadlines are observed, depending on the location of the workshop, this person must be provided with a telephone connection to avoid excessive walking: checking the work performed before handing over the car to the owner; the transfer to the owner of a repaired car and the sale of new cars; maintenance of a technical care for the sold cars.

Depending on the size of the workshop, the responsibility of the receiver can be performed by an employee who has other responsibilities (observation of work, calculations, etc. D.).

The receiver must be the only person who comes into contact with the client. Therefore, it is necessary:

– so that the receiver is an outstanding personality, has technical and commercial training;

– To receive customers, you need to have a separate room, which should be kept clean, have an attractive appearance. The room should be large.

The reception center is a commercial part of the maintenance enterprise and is often a retail outlet.

In the reception center, individual parts of the cars are sold, transactions are concluded – the exchange of old cars for new.

Organization of the workshop by a worshiper-plan with the number of workers from 15 to 30 people. The workshop (large and small) has two different sides: technical and administrative.

Organization with a planning accountant allows: to separate the technical part of the activity from administrative;

– put on. One person is the entire administrative management of workers;

– free the technical leadership of the workshop from administrative duties, providing them with the opportunity to engage only in technology.

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