Features of commercial real estate in Spain

When compiling schemes to local building materials and structures, a significant part of both traditional and progressive material resources can be assigned. The criterion of such a unit is the technical and economic feasibility of organizing their production near consumption points. Consequently, whether this design or material is local, the location of the point of its production in relation to the consumption point is dependent, and this is one of the main issues resolved in the development schemes and placement of construction and its material and technical base. If you are interested in Spanish commercial real estate, then some points must be taken into account in advance.

It should be noted that in the literature the concept "Local building materials" It is used, as a rule, without deciphering their nomenclature, and if this is done, only brick, non -metallic building materials, lime and gypsum are called. Only in the book VNIIEISM of the Ministry of Construction Materials of Russia "The methodological foundations of the comprehensive optimization of the development and placement of interconnected industries of building materials" The nomenclature of local building materials has been deciphered quite fully: wall materials, reinforced concrete products (except for special products), non -regional building materials, porous aggregates, lime, gypsum and timber (for areas that have forest resources).

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