Is it possible to rent an apartment at a low price what you need to know

The rental of an apartment may seem like a simple event until you are faced with it.

However, typical difficulties arise in almost every rent, regardless of whether you are interested in an apartment for a day in Moscow, or in St. Petersburg.

The first thing to start finding an apartment should start is to interview your friends and acquaintances for the fact of the availability of free area. Sometimes this can bring a good result, and you may have a real opportunity to jointly rent an apartment with a good friend. However, remember that it is one thing to be friends, and to live a completely different way. A very good friend may be an incredibly bad neighbor for you. You may have different habits, or in general, a lifestyle, on the basis of which constant conflicts are inevitable, as well as problems with the distribution of responsibilities. Therefore, many prospects for the joint rental of an apartment with friends simply do not consider, and immediately begin to publish their ads on the Internet.

If you rent an apartment alone will be too expensive, try to use the initialized sites for the search for neighbors and joint residents. It will be easier for you with such a cohabitant to pay for the services of all intermediaries.

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