Pros of buying apartments and houses in Bulgaria What to take into account

Bulgaria is one of the most favorable countries for Russians to purchase real estate there. Let’s look at why.

Firstly, of course, due to the amazing climate of Bulgaria, which is not so hot and slightly cold. Living in such a climate is incredibly comfortable and pleasant.

Secondly, Bulgarians are a very friendly people and they have no hostile attitude to other nationalities. They are very sociable, but at the same time tactful. And, of course, our common historical past is also an undoubted plus with Bulgaria. In this country, a Russian person will always feel easy and comfortable.

Bulgaria is a country with an amazing past. Those who like to study history will probably like in Bulgaria. There are many ancient monasteries and historical monuments.

In addition, Bulgaria is a European country, is about to enter the Schengen zone. If this happens, then the value of real estate there, of course, will increase. Therefore, it is worth thinking about buying real estate in Bulgaria right now.

Another plus of acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria is environmental cleanliness. In Bulgaria, fresh healing air and directly from the crane can drink almost mineral water. The quality of food there is the highest level.

In Bulgaria, a quite European civilized political life, a relatively low crime rate, and the lack of bureaucracy and related corruption also gives its advantage to buy real estate in this country.

You will also be pleased to learn about low prices there (40% lower than in the European Union) for products, householders, clothes, cars and utilities. Moreover, there is a low level of inflation and stability of the national currency.

The real estate market in Bulgaria is very diverse, on almost any wallet. You can choose an inexpensive studio in luxurious multi -apartment apartments, or you can buy your own house. If there is a desire to build their own home in Bulgaria, then the construction of the house will cost cheaper than in Russia.

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