Oscar Wilde’s house was put up for auction in London

A mansion was put up for auction in London, in which the famous British writer Oscar Wilde lived at one time. The initial cost of the house is estimated at one million eight hundred thousand dollars.

This house in one of the prestigious areas of the English capital is famous for living in it, the writer wrote his most famous works. In addition, the writer put his hand to the architecture of this house. It was in this house that the writer acquired a family, he had two children. In total, Wilde lived here for more than eleven years, and was forced to leave him in connection with the sentence of the court.

To date, this real estate object belongs to a famous English designer who conducted a large -scale reconstruction in it. There are several bedrooms in the house, an office, a library, an open kitchen, high ceilings.

By the way, more recently, in London another house was sold, belonging to another celebrity – Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogu. The house was in a dilapidated state, besides, it is relatively small, so that it was sold in just half a million pounds. Soon the new owner will also find the house of Wilde.

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