What is the processing of the project from the development of Mazilov

As a result of processing the project from the development of Mazilov, eight -story residential buildings were completely excluded. For quarters by that time already begun construction, the previously planned types of large -block and brick five -story residential buildings have been preserved. In the future, for the development of Mazilov, as well as for some other areas of mass housing construction of the capital, it was decided to transition from large -block construction to large -panel, as to a more progressive form of coarsely prefabricated housekeeping. The leading type of residential building in the development of Mazilov, scheduled for construction in the western part of the territory, was a five-story large-panel 80-apartment residential building of the Hyprostroy Industry.

The project of this building was created on the basis of a project of a large -panel house developed by the Gipropromash Institute and received a second prize organized by the State Construction at a closed competition. A distinctive feature of this building is the manufacture of all its main prefabricated reinforced concrete elements – panels of ceilings, internal walls and partitions – in vertical metal cassettes, providing good quality products, accuracy and high degree of readiness, excluding the need for the subsequent decoration of them. The advantage of the design is also the simplicity of elements that do not have protrusions and openings, which facilitates their manufacture and simplifies the installation of equipment.

The basis of its constructive scheme provides good stability and rigidity of the building, simplicity of installation, small consumption of steel and concrete.

For the building, a residential section of a series with small apartments approved by the State Construction Service was adopted, somewhat modified in connection with the requirements of the constructive solution of a large -panel building. With the economy of this section and a fairly high level of its domestic amenities, unsuccessful proportions of some rooms should be noted, as well as the presence of a large number of passing rooms. If you urgently need a Schengen visa to Spain, then follow the link. There they will help you arrange it even in 24 hours.

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