How to buy an apartment in Goa at a bargain price

Some people who have visited India in Goa want to become owners of Indian real estate. Today, prices for houses in India are much lower than apartments in Bulgaria, especially real estate on the seashore.

It is worth noting that the value of Bulgarian real estate depends on several factors, one of which is a remoteness from the sea. As for the prices of real estate for Goa, today the price policy is quite acceptable, when compared with prices for Russian and Bulgarian real estate.

Today in Goa, not only apartments are offered, but also Townhai, individual houses and entire complexes, in which no more than fifteen villas are located. As a rule, Townhai in Goa have no more than three floors, and are designed for several families.

If you want to get a “odnushka” with a hall, a bathroom and air conditioning and a plus of everything near the sea, then you will have to pay about sixty thousand dollars, which is relatively slight. About the same one will cost you a Townhaus with an area of ​​180 square meters, with a three rooms and not far from the beach.

Such investment is appropriate in terms of additional profit, since you can rent any purchased real estate on Goa. The most expensive villas in Goa are the buildings located in the southern region of the state. They can cost more than a million dollars.

While choosing an apartment, you should not focus on its area too much, since in India the apartments are not too large (on average 40-60 square meters). As for the land attached to the house, it occupies no more than two acres. Such areas as Kalankut and Baga Bich are very dense in population.

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