A modern integrated approach in building a house

The modern construction of residential buildings is gradually coming to the awareness of new approaches to solve the so -called housing problem. Stalinks with a huge meter, or Khrushchev with their minimalism, panel houses of the era of stagnation – this is the choice that was until recently in the construction market. Today, buyers are interested in not only the amount of meter, but also the infrastructure of the district where they will live. And here a complex approach is being replaced.

Such complexes can be found in the city line and outside the city, where they are harmoniously discharged into the surrounding landscape. Prices in such areas start from four and a half thousand dollars per square meter. Of course, this is a fairly large amount, but it must be taken into account that you purchase not only housing, but an apartment in a well-maintained microdistrict, where all amenities are provided (such as washing windows, parking and territory). Among other things, in such complexes, residents of approximately the same income level that have a certain weight in society.

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