Daily rental of an alternative to the living room

Daily renting an apartment is one of the best alternatives to hotel rooms.

Firstly, it is really convenient: no one will stop you from bringing guests even after 23:00, and you can cook lunch yourself.

Secondly, you can find suitable apartments for rent in almost any area. And, ultimately, rent an apartment for a day costs cheaper than a hotel room.

Choose a suitable apartment in advance. To do this, you can contact both the owner himself and the real estate agent. Search for rental offers in the newspaper of free ads or on the Internet. Rent without intermediaries costs cheaper, but here you need to be careful. An unscrupulous businessman can easily rent an apartment that does not belong to him. Therefore, the first thing you should ask is about documents confirming ownership of the apartment. Remember that no one can take your passport on a bail or any other document. To protect yourself from possible risk, conclude an agreement and indicate in it the deadline.

Safe will be a reservation through a real estate agency. The agent’s service is often included in the cost of living. For an additional fee you will be met at the airport, a ready -made lunch or dinner will be ordered and I will organize an excursion.

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