Simple rules for the sale of living space. What to take into account

Having decided to sell the living space, you should adhere to some simple rules so that the transaction passes as successfully as possible and does not entail the sad consequences.

1. Do not count on your own strength and knowledge, contact professionals. The choice of a real estate company needs to be approached very seriously. Random firms, single merchants, acquaintances – bad option. Only a licensed agency that has proven itself in the real estate market will help sell the apartment in the shortest possible time and on the most favorable conditions for the seller.

2. Do not belong to a contract with a real estate agency as a simple formality. And before signing it, consult an independent lawyer for each clause of the document.

3. Do not greedy. remember, that "miser pays twice". Listen to the opinion of the agency experts when assigning the price for the apartment, realtors have information about the average housing prices. Do not overestimate the cost, agree to reduce the price if the apartment does not find its buyer for a long time.

4. Do not be too lazy to put things in order not only in the room sold, but also on the stairwell and in the entrance. The first impression of the buyer can be irrevocably spoiled before entering the apartment.

5. Do not forget to indicate the amount of the deposit in the contract with the buyer. This will largely accelerate the deal.

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