How to buy a villa in Thailand what to take into account

If we compare the overall level of real estate prices in Thailand, then it is several times lower than the cost of the same Townhai and other real estate in Russia and in Europe.

But at the same time, it is worth considering the fact that the level of quality, such as pools, security, service, etc. D. much higher than Russian.

Even housing, which considers the level of VIP class, and which is intended for higher ranks and people, so to speak of high society, will have a price per square meter, lower than the same square meter of housing in Moscow, and the middle level.

It was such a study that was conducted recently, specialists in the field of real estate abroad. But for some reason, despite the relatively low, compared to other countries and regions, real estate prices, the general flow of customers in Thailand is not observed.

Prices for real estate in Thailand in the pre -crisis period did not grow a crazy pace, unlike prices that were inflated by mortgage lending in America and Europe. Basically, raising prices occurred only for the reason that the cost of objects themselves increased.

Many are waiting for real estate prices in Thailand sharply due to a small number of buyers, but experts advise not to amuse themselves with illusions. Especially if the country is taken where the main income of banks is lending to the real sector of the economy, and not speculation on various exchanges, including international.

A small decrease in real estate prices has already occurred, but it basically affected that real estate sector that belongs to the premium class. At the same time, economy-class real estate prices rose, because it was in this sector that an increase in the purchases of townhouses, all kinds of villas and apartments was noticed.

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