Bangtao Village Resort Different features

The place was not selected for long, the status of the tour operator, reviews of the online booking system of hotels, photographs and naturally the opinion of friends were taken into account. At first I will say – this is the only hotel where you want to return again. The territory of the complex is large enough, everything blooms and smells and for this every day carries. I can only explain the angry stories about the resort by the stupid mood of those who write them or the scandalous nature of compatriots. Wonderful territory – Nearby is a pretty nice park with palm trees and flowers. They read a lot of information about the hotel before leaving, it was different, but generally positive.

Bangtao Village Resort

There are many Germans in this hotel, and this is a kind of indicator that the hotel is not the worst level. Good breakfasts: muesli, cereals, tea, coffee, toasts, slicing. But we no longer need. Sometimes many vacationers came to the restaurant at once, but the meter -ender quickly raised problems with placement. He himself planted everyone. At the hotel, a stunned hairdresser – from any lust will create a princess. I finish my narrative on this. I hope I could share useful information. I personally can’t imagine who may not like it here. Territory, sea, food, and by and large – I liked everything!

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