Who can buy a land plot in Ukraine

As the legislation provides, the land in Ukraine can be bought from the state, from a private person or in local authorities. You can buy land from the state or from local authorities through tripled auction trading, which are arranged by civil servants.

This form of sale is enshrined in law. A plot of land can be put up for auction only after fixing the land passport behind the land, as well as after the established boundaries of the plot through the creation of fences. Landing of the plot of the plot is carried out only after the announcement of the sale of this plot of land, after 30 days from the beginning of the announcement of the announcement. Many purchased areas are immediately built up.

The owner will receive a state act on land ownership after paying the entire amount of money, where a trading participant offered the highest price. The state arranges tenders in the form of an auction, as a result of which it will be possible to get the most maximum price for the sold plot of land. It is especially difficult for the auction for the sale of land in the resort areas of the country of Ukraine. Here, whole battles sometimes take place for land plots, which allows you to get two or three times higher than it was offered at the beginning of the auction. If you first buy a plot of land, and it is purchased from a private person, then with such a transaction it is better to attract an experienced lawyer to your side.

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