How to rent an apartment for a day in Moscow what you need to know

The successes of Moscow in the development of a major tourism business are undeniable. The tasks of attracting foreign tourists are solved at all levels. According to experts, officials and representatives of the tourism business in every possible way promote the image of a beautiful city in tourist masses. A direct evidence of the successes of such undertakings is the growth of the flow of city guests who come to the capital. Moscow expands the event component of rest. In recent years, there have been much more bright and attractive events. Yes, while the level of Paris, London, Rome, the capital does not threaten, but work in this direction is underway.

The number of foreigners who visited Moscow is growing from year to year. The first quarter of 2012 showed an increase in Moscow visits by 21 %, in 2011 the density of tourist flow to Moscow increased by 12 % and amounted to 4.5 million people close. The accuracy of calculations is somewhat confused that most of the registered foreign tourists were migrant workers from the CIS countries, but the growth of traditional tourists is growing steadily.

There are many reasons for still insufficient tourist boards. Ineffective infrastructure plus weak insufficient staff in the tourism business. There are positive changes in the hotel market (this includes an apartment for a day in Moscow and hostels and elite hotels). Experts noted that over the past 2 years there has been a huge jump in the hostel market. It is planned to launch two -story tourist buses with prepared guides. All these insignificant nuances are separately allowed to add up the excellent prospect of Moscow growth as a center of tourism. Calculations for attracting foreign tourists are confirmed by statistics data and the appearance of the capital.

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