Where are the most expensive hotels in Europe

The Government of Ukraine recently decided to make changes in the certification of services that relate to temporary placement (residence). According to the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development, this project was adopted during the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. Its goal is to ensure consistency in the legislation regarding the tourism sector, since it is possible to set the category of hotel and other accommodation funds voluntarily, and it is considered mandatory to certify temporary accommodation services today.

As you know, the list of countries, which includes Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and others, before its entry into the European Union, should have brought the regulatory documentation of the hotel industry to a single European standard, which they did. But these standards do not provide for mandatory certification. Later, by the end of 2009, the European hotel-restaurant confederation approved unified standards that determine the classification of HotREC hotels. Their condition was to categorize hotels. It should be noted that the Russian Federation abandoned the mandatory certification of these services in 2003, and has introduced a new order in the needle, which indicates the classification of tourism industry facilities, which also include hotels and similar accommodation facilities, as well as beaches, ski routes, etc. P.

According to forecasts, thanks to the implementation of this document, a reduction in the money costs from the subjects of the tourism industry in the process of carrying out their activities will be ensured. Recall that by the end of the year in Kyiv they plan to open their hotels of world networks Seraton, Marriott, Hilton, Radisson Blu. The prices for rooms at the hotel of many large European cities have recently been tending to growth, although in some guests you can try to win using discounts.

According to experts, the most expensive hotels among Europe are located in Moscow, and among the countries of the world in New York. Interestingly, the capital of Ukraine went to the first five of this rating in Europe. The capital of Russia, where the population exceeds the rest of the European capitals, was characterized by an increase in hotels and hotels in November last year to two hundred and three dollars. The second place of the ranking was received by Oslo with an indicator of two hundred twenty -six dollars per room.

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