A special hotel train that travels along railway tracks

Norwegian architectural workshop Jagnefält Milton Architecture came up with a unique idea of ​​how to revive the small town of Andalsnes. The city acts as a gate to the edge of magnificent fjords and is surrounded by amazing nature. Architects designed a hotel that rolls along the railway tracks connecting the city with the outside world.

The hotel is not at all like a traditional train, rather it is a trip to a number of large boxes loaded with an oversized load.

Fortunately, the first impression is deceptive and inside these boxes of various heights and width there are furniture in full, which is more than enough to sleep there. Thus, tourists can see the country without losing a minute in search of housing. This idea continues in details such as a public bathhouse and a concert hall, which can move along the rails. When winter comes, these mobile devices are collected near the city center, and in the summer they travel again with the current trains. This idea evokes interesting retro feelings and reminds us of the times a hundred years ago, when private cars drove along the rails in the United States. Nevertheless, this idea is practical in all respects, and this hotel does not produce a negative impact on the environment and is environmentally friendly.

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