What taxes are there in Vietnam when buying real estate sale

Recently, Vietnam has become a very popular country for tourism and investment. Now many foreign investors can invest their money in real estate in Vietnam. Thus, they get the opportunity to rent real estate from the state, since the land will not lie down selling. But this opportunity is not provided to every investor. In preferences, investors can acquire real estate if they are going to marry the idle women of Vietnam. As for the land plots, now they can be taken on long -term lease from the state for a period of 50 years with the possibility of prolongation. If everything is in order, then the contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer and is fastened with seals.

Taxes for a purchase and sale deal. This tax is 25%. The buyer pays the tax. For non -residents, the tax is checked on a flat scale and accounts for 20%.The buyer can also transfer the collateral amount to the seller, this is the OP of the Agreement. Such a forced measure is a guarantee for the seller and the buyer. In the secondary market, you can purchase cheaper real estate, which is no worse than real estate in the primary market. Investors are very careful about buying real estate, especially foreign. Such a purchase for each investor is rather complicated.

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