Where did the hotel history come from

Many will probably be surprised, but the first hotels became known 2 thousand years before our era. Caravanserais appeared in ancient Eastern civilization. Later, in ancient Greece and Rome, taverns and Hospitheums appeared. For many centuries, the appearance of the hotels has not changed. They were a complex from a yard for horses and a building that had two floors. The first was a tavern, but the second floor was occupied by the bedrooms.

A little later, in the Middle Ages, when the time was quite difficult, the hotels a little suspended their activities. And only after several centuries, when a postal service and a transport network were established in Europe, the hotel business began to develop anew. If we compare with modern roadside hotels, that many establishments served in order to entertain the halls of people. It could be both local residents and visitors.

The very word “hotel” appeared in the eighteenth century. Welcome to an inexpensive but cozy hotel Orekhovo. Initially, these were at home for many apartments that were handed over to the owners for a certain time, sometimes just for a day. But the equipment of hotels, which is very similar to modern, originates from American hotels. Given the fact that there were no palaces for the aristocracy in the United States, all public events were held in hotels. Well, a modern hotel appeared with the light hand of the famous hotelier Statler. In addition, it was the world’s first skyscraper to have as many as six floors. It was at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Over time, the hotel developed very much. There were real skyscrapers that have not six floors, but ten times more. With the development of innovative technologies, each hotel began to have its own site. For example, the new website of the Tsaritsyno Hotel – www. Zarizino-Hotel. ru will tell you a lot of interesting things about your hotel. Each Internet user will be able to find out everything that interests him about the Tsaritsyno hotel.

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