Is it possible to rent social housing

In 2013, an interesting bill was adopted in our legislation. It refers to non -profit housing hiring, which would help reduce the problem with the living space for many compatriots. Suppose a young family will now not suffer in order to accumulate at least a little money for their housing. Also, they will not have to harness the mortgage that will look in their pocket for a long period. The authors of this bill received an offer for citizens that they need to improve their living conditions. They have every right to contact the municipality in order to remove the area for non -profit hire. Housing is taken from the fund that belongs to the city. Usually, the fee for such apartments in the capital is only 8 – 16 thousand, which is almost a minimum.

To take part in this program, the family is obliged to provide evidence that it has no opportunity to purchase housing or take a mortgage. To do this, just bring certificates of your income for a certain period. By the way, you need to remember an important nuance that after renting such housing, you automatically withdraw from the queue to improve housing conditions. Change or apply sublease to this dwelling, you have no right.

If the state caught the offender, penalties will be imposed on him. Today, the family can conclude an agreement on the use of such housing for at least one year. Of course, there are nuances everywhere and not everyone can get such help. Moreover, such social hiring has a lot of restrictions. Yes, and to get social housing, you will fit under a number of criteria. Moreover, state bodies will bring you to complex formulas to find out if you need an increase in living space. There is one more difficulty, since the family has squares according to the old standards, you should not count on a new layout. Suppose a simple family, which has two people in the composition, can only claim a kopeck piece. Whose area should not exceed 44 squares.

Recall modern houses where an apartment with one room can have a large quadrature. So, think about it right away, maybe you should wait for the appearance of children. Then you can somehow improve real estate.

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