Varieties of elite real estate in large cities of Russia

In today’s news, we will talk about elite real estate in Yaroslavl, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Orel, Rostov, Rybinsk and many other cities of Russia.

Although no, I will tell you about elite real estate not only the one that is in Russia, but also about the one that is abroad, for example in Ukraine and Belarus, as well as compare prices with the Western powers.

And so we begin comparison with the fact that I will give a number of prices for elite real estate real estate. A very terrible and deplorable picture is released in Russia as a whole. To buy an elite real estate to a young family, she needs to work 20-40 years, while not to drink! It is very terrifying! Demographic decline is completely. Now let’s take in comparison Ukraine.

There you need to work 10-20 years to get housing. That, two times better than the situation than in Russia, but still these numbers are terrifying. Now let’s look at such a power as America. There, in order to buy an elite real estate for a young family, you need to work out only 5 years, while they can afford to eat and dress for themselves as they want.

Let’s look at the situation in Germany. There, adolescents, when they enter the first year of higher education, can allow themselves to buy an elite apartment (well or shoot), and even play a luxurious wedding, and not taking a dime from their parents. In general, conclude how much Russia is backward. And how much work costs to buy elite real estate.

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