How to buy an apartment in the secondary housing market

After the decision to buy an apartment in the secondary market is made, the buyer must also determine he will engage in a transaction independently or contacts the real estate office.

The first implies independent work to search for a suitable housing option. In this situation, you can not only get acquainted with the ads, but also contact advertising publications, look for the Internet.

In the secondary housing market, the apartment often buy a much easier to buy than in a new building. This happens according to many factors. These include in particular the fact that you can immediately live in such an apartment without spending money on expensive repairs. It will not be necessary to wait for the communications to the new house. So you can organize an apartment moving and then equip a new living space to your liking.

But every business has its own pitfalls. A thorough check needs the legal side of the apartment. It should be made sure that in this home there are no persons who retain the right to reside, although not registered at the time of the transaction. Such persons may be children placed in educational institutions, persons in military service or in places of imprisonment.

It is necessary to check whether the home is burdened with the rights of third parties, such as security, rent, arrest.

Ensure the legal purity of real estate with one hundred percent guarantee, unfortunately it is impossible. As practice shows, terminated, there can be almost any transaction. However, you can do everything possible to protect yourself from possible unpleasant consequences. To do this, you need to responsibly approach the issue of purchasing housing. In particular, go with the seller for certificates in the housing office and BTI, chat with the neighbors of the acquired household. The risks of housing can also be insured in an insurance organization.

In the contract for the purchase of the apartment, it is necessary to indicate the real cost of housing, which will serve as an additional guarantee that in case of termination of the agreement, the buyer will return all the funds spent, and not the nominal amount specified in the contract.

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