Requirements for the tenant for renting an apartment in St. Petersburg

Many experts, as well as remote people in this area, believe that renting an apartment is the most dangerous business in the real estate market. It is worth remembering that there are scammers from the owner of the apartment, so before the settlement you should carefully exercise control.

First of all, you should not believe all newspaper ads that are so colorfully painted on glossy pages. Basically, real estate agencies give in such a deception. If it was decided to turn to such an agency, then you should be on the alert. All such firms and offices provide their services not for free. On average, payment is from 100 to 500 hryvnias. After the money was deposited, the Rielter office provides a sheet on which there is a list of free apartments. In most cases, people call all numbers and find out that the apartment has long been rented out or is in poor condition. In this case, the money was just spent in vain. If a person decided to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, then it is worthwhile to be especially afraid, because in all the big cities scammers are more cunning and wise

If the desired apartment was found, then you should carefully check the documents from the owner. There are types of scams in which a person who rented an apartment in advance for a lower payment is rented out by several cohabitants at a higher price. Ultimately, when future tenants come with things, they are met by the real owner or dummy relatives who ask to leave without a return. In this case, you should check the registration of the owner of the apartment and all his relatives.

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