What is the near Moscow village of Townhaus

One of the most worthy villages of Townhaus in the Moscow Region is the village of Vyazemskoye, which is located very close to Moscow, only 3 km from the capital along the Kyiv and Kaluga highway. This location allows the residents of the village to get to their housing both in their own car and public transport.

The village is located right in the middle of a thick mixed forest. Not far from it is a clean small lake. All the conditions of the village allow the residents to relax well and culturally in the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful nature.

This quarter belongs to the large A101 project, which is previously planned to be built throughout the new Moscow from the Kaluga highway.

On the territory of the village there are infrastructure facilities, which are conveniently located for living. Close to residential quarters are social educational institutions, shopping centers, food and industrial stores, sites and premises for playing sports. Special zones for family walks, safe playgrounds for entertainment for children of different ages have been allocated on the territory of the village.

In the villages, all Townhans are divided into classes. All rooms are divided into 8 classes, each of which has certain features. The total area of ​​individual apartments for residents, excluding partitions from 93 square meters to 150 square meters. meters. The most common are the apartments of the first three classes A, B, with. Everyone who wants to purchase real estate in Vyazemskoye can find a suitable housing for himself, both in terms of living space, and at a price. The Townhouse quarter belongs to the club village, so the leadership of the village takes into account all the wishes of the residents. For those who really want to live on the territory of the village can take housing under a mortgage agreement.

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