Patong Buri Description Hotel Distinctive features

Somehow, imperceptibly, we became a habit of going to Thailand on holidays. Everything is already familiar and no surprises, we know where to go, where it is best to rest, so that the people would be smaller. This time a very acceptable amount came out, and the hotel and flights Moscow Phuket. Resting in Patong Buri, it was the feeling that I was not in Thailand. Beautiful district, people are very friendly. Everything is very beautiful at night in the lights. The atmosphere of ease reigns everywhere. Negative reviews about the resort I can only explain the bad mood of those who write them or a kind of mood of our Russian tourist. The first days could not move away from pleasant surprise! The hotel is beautiful, the yard is large. There are many trees on the territory. The furniture is almost new, the cabinets are large, everything that you took with you to Phuket will easily fit and plan to take home.

There is a lot of food. Drinks of norms. From strong – jin, vodka. Everything is supposed to. The assortment is credit. Delicates, of course, were not prepared, but everything is quite tasty and diverse. This hotel is a great place for tourists spending a small part of their time in the room. Only for sleeping and storing things. The main thing that should be said about this hotel, that there is always something to do there. Who needs to find out the details about our vacation – write, I will be happy to answer. Everything was wonderful. The number of claims will depend on the degree of your personal picky.

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