What is a floating university

Another direction will be the survey of the coastal territory, which included the Solovetsky archipelago, as well as the island of Spitsbergen – the subject of the study of the territories will be the biological component: Flora and Fauna, the contamination of the territory. Students will have a chance of practicing in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Ocean; gaining priceless scientific experience; making their contribution to the study of the Arctic. Also, an interesting fact was the resumption of research that have not been conducted in this region for more than 10 years, as an employee of the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in. Shevchenko.

In the near future, plans for drawing up a schedule-plan for this floating university. There is also a discussion of the composition of research participants; A course of lectures that are planned to be read to students participating in the expedition. There is also a discussion on the duration of the expedition. Opinions diverge. Estimated deadlines from two weeks to 45 days. A floating university is a unique project; Scientific Laboratory – has no analogues in the world or in Russia. This project attracts attention, also from foreign colleagues. How, for example, it attracts the Norwegians. The permanent base of the university is a scientific and expeditionary ship Professor Molchanov. Only those who are going to really devote their lives to the research of the polar experts will go on the expedition.

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