In Switzerland, a new amazing hotel opened

Everyone knows that Switzerland is one of the most interesting countries for tourists. The country is famous not only for natural attractions, but also by a high level of service. Recently, a new hotel was opened in the Swiss Andermatta. This is Chedi andermatt.

62 suets and 44 ordinary rooms are prepared for guests. Frequent Vusiness Traveler writes that some suhs are equipped with fireplaces, and also have their own balconies. The hotel for tourists created a magnificent spa in which there is a 12-meter pool on and the street 35-meter indoor pool. In addition, tourists can visit the Finnish sauna in the spa, ten spa. There are hammams.

Tourists can enjoy the exquisite wines card in the hotel restaurant. It is possible to choose dishes of Swiss, European and Asian cuisine. It is planned that the hotel will work all year round. In the summer, tourists will be offered bicycle walks, hikes in the mountains and golf.

Choose time for relaxation in advance and book rooms. You will probably like the new hotel. Rest in Switzerland is inconceivable without examining natural attractions. Andermatt is located near the famous Saint-Gottard Pass. It was here that Suvorov took place during the alpine campaign. You can repeat the path on foot. There is also the opportunity to take a car and drive through Suvorovsky places. As you can see, stopping at the hotel, you will certainly find what to do with yourself. Book in advance, because the hotel is located in a place where there are always many tourists. There are a lot of others interesting for inspection of attractions near Andermatt.

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