Long -term and short -term rental of cottages

When choosing rented cottages, it should be understood that there are two types of rent – long -term and short -term. It makes sense to consider each option separately.

Renting cottages for a long time

To this option, the removal is resorted in in two cases. In the first – people want to take a closer look at such a lifestyle before buying their own housing of this format, evaluate all the charms and shortcomings. Weigh the pros and cons. The second – when tenants are currently not wanting to purchase real estate, but they want to live in a cottage. Unfortunately, in our country, not everyone can afford this type of lease. It will require serious finances, which, as a rule, can be among businessmen, politicians, senior managers, show business stars and other wealthy people (shadow economy).

Short -term rental

In this case, as a rule, the requirements for the house will be minimal. Typically, the rental of cottages of this format is considered for specific goals and, as a rule, at recreation centers, where the exit to the forest has already been taken into account, on the shore of any reservoir, taking into account the wishes of fans of outdoor activities. Also, short -term rental of cottages is very suitable for family holidays at the recreation center, for a friendly party or a romantic weekend with a beloved, holding corporate meetings or presentations. Thus, the requirements for rented cottages are built on the basis of the goals and objectives of the event.

Choosing a cottage will not be difficult, especially when it comes to the recreation center “Big Stones” in the Leningrad Region.

When making a decision to rent villas in Thailand, you can count on qualified assistance in solving any issues. We will pick you a villa on the very shore of the sea or in the mountains with views of the island and the sea, in a secluded place, with a private pool and a cinema hall, with a gym and a billiard room.

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