Is it worth buying a house in the village advantages

Every year, more and more urban residents rush into the villages, tired of the daily fuss. Wanting to live in nature, people buy village houses and summer cottage houses. At the same time, choosing a suitable house for yourself, you need to be extremely careful. After all, you are going, first of all, to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, and not to engage in endless repair only that the purchased housing.

First of all, pay attention to the paths of the message of this area with transport: how often buses go, what routes, etc. D. Be sure to find out how far a pharmacy, shops, kindergarten are located. D. See if there is any reservoir near.

Having chosen a specific house, it is necessary to check it for the presence of the most important communications – light, water, gas, sewage. Not all rural areas are gasified, so be prepared for the fact that the house will be heated due to electric heaters or diesel boiler. And most likely, you will have to install it yourself. If there is a stove in the house, you must definitely check if it works properly. Well, if the future housing is equipped with a bathroom, otherwise you will have to use a toilet and a shower cabin located on the street.

Further, if there is an opportunity to purchase a brick house, be sure to use it. Houses from a wooden beam are also reliable, but when buying they need to be carefully examined for the presence of rotten places. Look at the attic and in the underwear, find out from the hosts about the depth of the foundation.

Do not forget to inspect the site itself. Well, if he is well -groomed, planted with fruit trees and berry shrubs. The fence should not be rickety or half -rotten. The most optimal and at the same time inexpensive option is a fence from corrugated board.

If the house itself and the site itself are completely satisfied, proceed to the execution of the contract of sale. Before signing it carefully read all the documents. After the final purchase of housing, you should have at least 3 documents in your hands: the contract of sale, property certificate and the act of transfer. Let the purchase of a new house make you a joyful and happy person, and not deceived by scammers.

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