Belgian architectural bureau MDW Architecture

The Belgian Architectural Bureau MDW Architecture ended the transformation into a residential building, the remnants of the site where the scrap metal store was located. The industrial trace of the structure was reflected in the choice of finishing materials. The facade is lined with galvanized steel, which very often can be seen in factories.

Unlike steel, wooden elements of the structure soften the overall picture of the object. This complex is intended for residential premises and is divided into several parts. Reinforced concrete grid located directly when entering the street serves as visual protection, and is also used as the basis on which the decorative vine will be twisted.

The living part consists of two buildings that contain different types of apartments. The front seats four apartments with two or four bedrooms. The back consists of three small houses in which there are a lot of free space. The buildings are interconnected by an open courtyard, where architects created a topographic landscape. The same style can be seen on three terraces. Parking spaces are located underground and thus completely visually hidden.

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