Is it possible to sell an apartment safely and without the participation of scammers

Supervision of real estate is a very serious procedure that requires the participants in the transaction of the maximum awareness of the current legislation and strictly compliance with all the current norms and the rules for drawing up documents. It is quite difficult for a person who wants to sell or exchange his housing for the first time, understanding all the nuances of the correct transaction, as a result of which there is a danger of selling real estate below its real market value or completely losing all his money. How to quickly and safely sell your apartment or house?

Private realtors and real estate agencies

First of all, you should choose a reliable intermediary for sale. Today, they are represented by large real estate agencies or private realtors. Moreover, the first option does not at all provide a 100 percent guarantee of honesty-and scammers may meet among large agencies. The best factor in the choice will be the recommendation of any realtor one of your friends. If there are no one, then you should view reviews about agencies on the network and on thematic forums.

In order to safely and profitably sell real estate, you need to find out the cost of his services from the future intermediary, the estimated amount of sale and the costs of paperwork and taxes. The result is compared with the proposals of other realtors and determine the most profitable and convenient option for yourself. After the final choice, it is better to play it safe, and consult a lawyer about the features of a future transaction. The cost of such a consultation will not exceed $ 15, but the value of its receipt will be much higher.

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