Why do residents of the CIS prefer to buy real estate in Spain

The residents of the CIS countries have recently increased interest in Italian real estate. The main reason for this state of things is regularly growing purchasing power. Many people buy local real estate to emphasize the status, some for further lease, and someone as a place for a summer vacation.

Buying Italian real estate is an excellent option for financial investment. There are always many tourists from all over the globe, a stable high -level economy, a favorable climate. At the same time, the cost of immovable objects is regularly increased. Even just having bought a house or villa here, and selling it in a year, you can get not small profit.

If necessary, you can find real estate in world famous resorts located near vineyards or mountain lakes, fabulous beauty. Buy a family castle on the sea coast, estate or small house, all this is reality.

Local real estate is represented not only by expensive apartments and rich villas, there are also secondary housing. It includes inexpensive villas, small apartments and townhouses. The equipped adjacent territory and well -developed infrastructure, to a certain extent accompany this.

The price of prices is incredibly wide, some of them are democratic, but there are completely sky -high. The most popular among Russians is such a region of the country as Calabria. The northern part of Italy is filled with expensive objects. Also often a place to buy housing is Liguria, Mark, Lombardy, Tuscany and Veneto. In the event that you are interested in the villa by the lake, Como and Margeord are suitable. Normal human existence cannot be achieved in the absence of high -quality water supply. Understanding this, we carry out in the Moscow region drilling wells on water in places of absence of centralized water supply. Our drilling cost is small, as a result, the price of the well is quite acceptable.

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