Is it possible to buy an apartment in a new building in the region near Moscow

If you disclose the cyan real estate base and see all new buildings in the region near Moscow, offers are cheaper than a million. rub. A lot of. For example, 710 thousand. rub. For a workshop in a new house on Vladimir ul. In Balashikha. Her lunch is small – 18.7 square meters. m, although it is still very cheap.

"There the type of authorized use is a private subsidiary farm, although we are now changing it now, ”Realtor Pavel explains by phone.- There is no permission to build, due to the fact that the leadership has changed in Balashikha not so long ago, and not a big hitch came out. So we build by oral resolution".

According to photographs from the construction site, the house started without a single document is already completed to the third floor. I call to consult the department of the Balashikha Administration.

In response, the first time we hear about this. No documents about the replacement of the type of permitted use of lands, nor about the acquisition of permission to build from this address".

And given that for the place of shared participation or contract of sale, customers are offered to enter the housing and construction cooperative, it will be almost impossible to return the money in case of problems.

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