How to buy a land plot to what to look for

Thinking about the acquisition of a suburban land plot, each represents it necessarily located next to a beautiful pond, with a forest or a forest belt. The proximity of forest trees near the site or even located on its territory could also arrange. True, not everyone is guessing about the difficulties that you can encounter when buying such a land plot and, if, they cannot be taken into account, then there may be big problems with their solution. From the very beginning, you need to think about forest and water codes. In the case of the location of your land near the reservoir, it is necessary to take into account the regulations for adjacent coastal and, security zones and coastal lanes. All these subtleties must be taken into account and observe. Do not forget about the sanitary cleaning zone of the reservoir. If, this zone partially enters your site, then there can be no talk of any construction.

You may have the same problems if, on your site, centuries -old trees grow. Find out who owns the land that interests you, is it not the property of the state flesh. This may prevent you from paperwork for the purchased section. You can choose a suitable site on this site. When going to purchase a land plot, check out in advance with all the nuances and details of property rights in order to be confident in your freshly acquired real estate. Check the documents for the land plot, from a citizen selling it to you. Do not take your word for anyone, but personally make sure of the correctness of their filling, the presence of all the necessary signatures and seals. Assign the act of the purchase – the sale of the site in the notary office.

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