How to sell a cottage and stay with money in your pocket

The desire to sell the cottage can arise from completely different factors: a possible move, buying a new cottage of larger size, etc. P. Now the cottage can be sold profitably, since there is no previously alleged real estate crisis, and therefore the demand for the sale of houses, apartments, suburban buildings did not fall. Also, rental – at present, both rent and rent an apartment or house can be rented without problems. Still, if you decide to sell your cottage, you must first prepare a summer cottage and house for sale.

It will be possible to sell the cottage much faster if the site is really well -groomed, well prepared. Then you can invite buyers to inspection without fear. However, not everyone can arise such a situation, and therefore should be in a quick time to bring the territory to a good state. You need to think about this as soon as possible, so that in the process less money and time takes to repair. First you need to examine all the details of the site and the cottage itself well, because if the buyer finds problems before you, then the deal may break. Additionally, it is worth examining the gates, an external fence and a fence for neighbors, a lawn, a garden and a garden, if any, watering systems and a recreation area. Of course, that all this will be inspected by customers, and therefore should be without surprises.

You can draw the attention of buyers to the obvious advantages of your cottage, this will significantly affect the decision of the purchase. Perhaps you have a beautiful fountain, any buildings with manual work, unique fakes-do not be shy, because it can raise the cost to some extent. Before sale, be sure to focus on the size of the summer cottage, show the entire territory. Disadvantages should not be hidden, but immediately showed, because most often they are found. You can introduce the buyer on occasion to neighbors. The presentation of the positive aspects of your cottage will convince a person of a reliable deal.

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