What is the accreditation of the bank

Currently, many residents of Russia and the near abroad have again returned to the system of mortgage loans, practiced in the USSR. Small wages do not allow you to save on decent housing, so young families prefer to take loans for the purchase of housing in a new building or for investing in the construction of a new facility as equity holders. But many banks with great reluctance issue such loans, since when investing in such housing, there is always a risk of loss of funds for various reasons, the main of which are considered the dishonesty of the developer and the impossibility of selling an apartment.

By issuing a similar loan, the bank is conducting the construction of the construction and the developer himself, without which, even with solid abundance of the client himself, the loan will not be issued. There are a lot of people who want to arrange a mortgage, so let’s consider in more detail how banks evaluate new buildings, and which the criteria apply at the same time.

When submitting an application for issuing a loan on the security of property under construction, the future shareholder is obliged to indicate all the data on the developer known to him, after which the bank proceeds to verify documents confirming the ownership of the latter to the territory built -in their territory. Among them, official papers as:

– ownership of land area;

– lease agreement, if the land does not belong to the developer;

– evidence that the rental is long -term;

– permission to build multi -storey housing;

– The characteristic of the site for the construction, in which it should be noted that this area can be used precisely for this type of construction;

– Project documentation.

The bank also checks the amount of money that is available on the developer’s accounts, determining how much it is likely that the new building can be frozen. Checks the bank and documents on the distribution of equity funds.

In the event of the slightest suspicion of the bank, the loan will be denied, most often this happens when the construction is at an early stage. To undergo accreditation, the developer must have a crystal financial past, and the object he built must be built at least ¼ part.

Naturally, the lack of accreditation cannot serve as a reason for the loss of trust in the developer, but it is best to choose objects that have already passed it.

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