Advantages of renting real estate for rent in Yekaterinburg

In the real estate market of Yekaterinburg, daily rental of apartments is one of the developing areas of the hotel business and one of the important places of residence for the city guests. There are a lot of reasons for this, since the apartments for the day of Yekaterinburg are comfortable, cheap, convenient.

Compared to the cost of residence, in a hotel room similar in level, the apartment will cost much cheaper, more than 30%. In addition to low accommodation costs, short -term rental of apartments will be much more comfortable. This is explained by the fact that having settled in the hotel room, a person will have to have breakfast, dinner and dinner in a restaurant or a hotel cafe, look for a place where you can eat, in the vicinity of the hotel, which, surely, will entail considerable money expenses. In addition, the guest will need to pay for the laundry services in order to stroke and wash his things.

Unlike city hotels, rented apartments provide for the mandatory availability of a kitchen equipped with all necessary household appliances for comfortable residence, often both a washing machine, and dishes on which you can independently prepare breakfast, dinner as you would do it at home. And some mini-hotels, renting apartments, provide a computer and Internet for use to the tenant.

Among the advantages of rent for a day, you need to allocate a high level of apartment comfort. Of course, in expensive hotels there is an option to settle in the presidential room of Lux, but this will certainly imply a high price of residence. A large drawback of the modern rental market can be considered a small presence of medium -level numbers, therefore, the guests have to choose a class and economy – class between apartments, which is not always to taste.

Of course, housing for a day is, first of all, the independence of the tenant. In a rented apartment, he will be free, and not depend on the time of the restaurant or cafe, the guest will have his own equipped kitchen with everything necessary. In addition, the apartment for rent provides real home comfort and comfort.

Renting a hotel room, the guest pays a certain number of people. As a rule, when renting a single number, only one person can settle in it. In 1-k. several people are located, depending on the number of sleeping places. On average, in one -room apartments, 4 sleeping places. This is usually a double bed and sofa. With an increase in the number of customers, it is possible to increase the cost of rent, although this is not a prerequisite. Often, renting apartments for daily implies a flexible system of discounts. For example, if a guest lives in a rented apartment for a long time, the more profitable it costs him to rent.

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