How to arrange an apartment as a gift

Not everyone becomes lucky that they give him an apartment. But, if this happens in a person’s life, then he will certainly be pleased with his position. But according to the Law of Ukraine, which states that any transaction must accrue taxes in the state treasury. Therefore, not every donated apartment will be taxed. The apartment will be taxed if you give it to any person or relative, who is not the first degree relative.

That is, if a relative is not a son, not a daughter, father or mother, brother, and so on, then you can calmly give your apartment. Taxes from such a gift will not be charged. If you give other relatives or people, then such a procedure will be considered by the law a transaction, which means tax accruals. Complete injustice, you can object, but the law is registered so. Excellent sale of apartments in Perm is underway today. If you want to make an expensive surprise a gift to your relatives, then you should think before that what exactly to present it. Maybe you should give a large amount of money to buy an apartment than to pay big taxes.

If you have an apartment and there is a relative to whom you want to give your apartment, then you should definitely arrange everything correctly. If the registration procedure is not correctly or inconsistent with the law, that is, with violations, then this transaction is recognized as invalid, which means that you will be charged with evasion of tax payment. The gifted and the owner must conclude a contract that will be put on registration and will be certified by a notary.

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