Water tower for what purposes erected a household construction

The economic buildings of the estate were also the water tower built in the middle of the XVII century. She costs somewhat at a distance, closer to the river, near the Ascension Church.

In the water tower there was a mechanism, with the help of which water was supplied upstairs for the economic needs of the palace. The mechanism was done by the same master Peter Vysotsky. A deep well was dug under the tower, the water from which the white -stone pool entered the eastern part of the tower and then was diverted through the ceramic pipes.

The tower itself is a brick building that ended with a barrel -shaped roof here used the reinforcement of Moscow in the central part of the tower of the arch, in the 17th century, which was closed by the collars of the gate. In the past, the tower was connected to the hearty courtyard, which fenced the square before entering the sovereign courtyard. Then, through the arch of the water tower, the road to the south passed, towards Dyakov.

The decor of the water tower is similar to the decoration of other outbuildings. It consists of simple flat shoulder blades and roller windows from brick windows.

Products of blacksmiths and casters diverged throughout the country: sonorous bells, massive forged doors, difficult devices locks, whimsical patterned brackets.

In the XV -XVII centuries, a number of new ones appear along with traditional types of this craft, for example, the manufacture of clock mechanisms.

The art of wood carving found a place everywhere: in a peasant hut and in the church, in the richest decoration of gilded iconostases and in a simple home utensils. Due to its widespread prevalence, strength and at the same time supple, the tree has always been a favorite material in Rus’. A deep understanding of his beauty helped Russian masters create works that differ in bright, figurative expressiveness and decorativeness

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