How not to scare away buyers when inspecting the apartment

Apartment display is a responsible period. Potential customers get acquainted with the subject of sale, and the owner has a good ability to tell about all the superiority of the house. Liquid apartments, without flaws and with adequate cost, can easily find customers. However, the imprudent actions of the owners can reduce all attempts to "No".

Specialists of the Department of City Real Estate learned what mistakes on the viewing of the apartment are plunging to the refusal of the transaction. Among the most popular are the issue of money. Occasionally, the owners are interested in where the clients got the money to buy an apartment. The excitement of sellers is clear – they are afraid to take risks, however, such a distrust ends with the abolition of the transaction.

Checking documents at this stage is inappropriate – a person has not yet made a choice and only evaluates the apartment. The phrase is investigated "Give your passport" You can scare the client, as well as exorbitant questions about the fate of the apartment. Not to contribute to sales contemptation and impolite, critical notes. Some do not like that they come to view the whole family. However, from the point of view of sales, on the contrary, excellent, after everyone can see the apartment and discuss the choice right there.

Excessive hospitality plus can cause the reverse result, solely if the customer has a couple more shows. As usual, to view the apartment is enough only 15 minutes.

In a difficult environment are the owners of homemade animal. The recommendation of realtors in this situation is to remove the pets for the duration of the house viewing. It is clear that at the end of the completion of the animal transaction in the apartment there will be no. No less, the search for the client can still drag on. In particular, a huge dog without a muzzle can simply scare users, not to mention the fact that some have an allergy.

Occasionally, the owners will be zealous to sell their own furniture or appliances. However, a show is not the best time in order to trade, in particular, by televisions or microwaves. The client may have the feeling that he has extorted funds.

Sometimes viewing attention is paid not only to the apartment itself, nevertheless, and its owner.

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