How not to fall into the hands of deceivers during housing rental

The prevailing life situations may entail the need to rent housing. How to do it correctly, so as not to become a victim of scammers.

If the first method has not given results, you can arm yourself with local newspapers, this method will be effective. If you are looking for an apartment in a small town or village, since the inhabitants of such places are extremely conservative and are used to relying on the old proven ways to disseminate information. If we are talking about a big city, use a worldwide network, the Internet stores a lot of useful information on this topic. You can count on cooperation with direct owners of apartments, agree without the participation of intermediaries, which will significantly reduce your costs. But think well about the quality of services provided over the Internet, if you need renting apartments in Togliatti, then you need to find information about this.

If you have found a housing option that suits you, ask the owner (lessor) to show you a package of documents, this includes a passport and documents for the apartment. Property must belong to him, otherwise, if there are co -owners of the apartment, then they have the right to present their right to it.

Do not ignore the signing of the contract, in case of controversial questions, you cannot prove anything based on oral agreement. Bring the cost of rent, payment of utilities, as well as questions about the repair of furniture or plumbing to the contract. This is the only way you will protect yourself from mutual reproaches.

If the issue of searching for housing has dragged on in time, it is worth contacting the real estate agency, this will require some payment. But you will save your nerves and time.

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