How Germans buy real estate features of the process

In the context of the global financial crisis, real estate prices in many countries of the world have significantly decreased. In particular, the decrease affected the value of suburban real estate.

According to analysts, the volume of offers in the primary and secondary markets of country housing has increased in recent months. This was the impetus for residents of large cities to purchase real estate or a suburban area for building a house in the future at reduced prices.

When buying suburban real estate, first of all, ask the location of the property offered for sale. Find out how far from the city it is located. The proximity of the city means access to shopping and medical centers, but this also means greater contamination of water and soil. It will not be superfluous to find out how far the site is from industrial facilities, which also negatively affect the environment. Further, if real estate is located far from the city line, pay attention to the presence of medical institutions, shops and cultural centers, sports and playgrounds, kindergartens and schools nearby. All these benefits of civilization should be within the range.

When choosing a house, test heating, sewer system and electricity, checking each of the listed systems at maximum mode. Pay attention to the quality of windows, doors and walls to avoid buying real estate from building materials of low quality.

Try to independently evaluate the condition and quality of the construction of the purchased housing facility. Study SNIPs and GOSTs on which they build houses. However, if you are not confident in your own abilities, seek help from specialists. Pay attention to the site adjacent to the house. The whole family will give great pleasure the presence of a gazebo, pool, garden, garden, etc. d, which will brighten up the village life of urban residents.

Do not lose sight of the presence of such means as the Internet and the phone. If you take into account all these points, you can choose the right house in the village, or may even reduce the price of the object.

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