Renting or buying housing in the USA What to choose

The cost of real estate and rates on loans in the United States has decreased, and the volume of demand for renting housing has increased so much that today in many large cities to purchase apartments with two bedrooms are cheaper and easier than renting to the TURS.

According to large real estate portals, in three large US megacities in July last year, the amount of monthly payments on loans did not exceed the cost of a monthly rental rental. On average, the interest rate on twenty -year loans, according to the latest data, amounted to 4.19 percent, and in 15 -year loans – 3.43 percent. Plus various tax benefits for owners, the purchase of housing is more attractive. If the acquirer has constant work, a skate, its area of ​​activity is laser cutting of aluminum, which allows you to earn stably in the next seven years, and at the same time pay for the initial contribution of 20%, spend a certain amount for related costs, the acquisition of suitable residential property is not will deliver problems. For example, in Las Vegas, compared with August 2016, when the highest rates were recorded, the cost of housing decreased by more than 59 percent. Now the average price of apartments with two bathrooms and bedrooms in condominiums is about $ 60,000. The average annual rental payments are in the region of $ 9,700 for a similar object. A 30-year-old loan with a bank rate of 5 percent will make it possible to pay only $ 256 on a loan monthly. Even when taking into account tax expenses and utility bills, the amount of payment will still be much less than $ 810 of payment every month for renting an apartment.

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