How the mortgage loan rates increased

Very soon, local authorities are going to begin the development of new preferential special offers, which will directly concern mortgage lending for some segments of the population.

First of all, this includes those citizens who are officially large families, doctors, teachers, scientists, as well as young engineers. Many experts are confident that the authorities will not do anything, and all words are just another move to learn from the population of money. First, let’s remember what the authorities talked about earlier. And they said that for Russia the most acceptable rate on housing lending should not exceed more than 7%. All experts unanimously say that the Russians will wait for the promised three years, since so far no one has seriously spoke about the development of the relevant programs. It is worth noting that in accordance with future programs, its participants should receive at least 55,000 rubles per month, and this is the minimum monthly income. Given the fact that half of the earnings of a modern person goes only to food and payment of all services, then the remaining amount will definitely not be enough to purchase a normal apartment in the capital. There is a slight probability that people will be offered a small one -room in an apartment in one of the sleeping areas of Moscow. A small study was conducted in Rosstat, as a result of which it became known that the average salary in the capital remains at the level of 43,000 rubles and this bar is not going to lower. It turns out that people simply will not be able to become potential borrowers, which local authorities are counting on.

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